Monday, June 2, 2014

The second edition SlowUp Alsace !

Yesterday, the 1st of June, we went to Châtenois, on the Wine Route (la Route des Vins) and "Veloroute du Vignoble" to spend a day at this year's second edition of the SlowUp Alsace ("slow down&pleasure up = slow up"). Given the success of its first edition, 12 km were added and the route was between Bergheim and Sélestat.
A lovely day with friends, enjoying the view, great food and a good 20 km walk :P!
So, don't forget to slowUp once in a while! :)

Le Parc du Manoir à Kintzheim
Le Parc du Manoir à Kintzheim
Domaine Fabvier à Kintzheim

Un "jardin-tableau" de la fin du fin du XVIIIème siècle avec les ruines du
château de Kintzheim (Bas-Rhin)

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